View Full Version : Suspense writer(s) I need a mentor please

04-21-2006, 11:00 PM

I've been dabbling with an idea for a suspense novel and need help. Of course,
I have the idea down, well nearly, but need a mentor who knows how to write suspense stories and novels to help. I cut and pasted info that's listed below.

Working title is Deadly Obsession. Story idea is about a horror novelist who breaks up with her abusive boyfriend who doesn't take no for an answer. She inlists the help of a former fiance who was a hitman for the CIA. He retired and became a writer of thriller novels and bought a hotel which is about to be shut down. His grandmother has left him an nheritance which can only get if he gets married. He'll help his former fiance with her problem, but he has other ultirier (spelling on that word) motices. Will his help cost more than she's willing to pay.

Genre. Non-fiction and fiction attract different kinds of people, as does mystery, humor, fantasy, etc. Take, for instance, novels and greeting cards, or freelance articles and poetry anthologies.

Iíve been dabbling in several genres like: superhero, suspense, and horror.

Feedback. Can you take harsh criticism, or do you prefer a little hand-holding? As long as one doesnít be harsh to me personally I can take that in my manuscript, but if one is just being down right sarcastic to me and the MS I donít put of with that from anyone.

Are you looking for someone to simply answer questions, offer tips, or do you want someone willing to read and evaluate your work? I need someone to offer tips on improving my manuscripts as well as to read and evaluate.

Are you looking for tips, guidelines, or someone to make sure you're reaching your goals? Yes to all.

Publishing. While most people prefer traditional publishing, many are knowledgable about self-publishing. Traditional publishing is for me.

Which is for you? Do you need help pitching to magazines? Yes.

Querying agents? Yes

Credentials. Do you want your mentor to have specific background credentials, like a published novel, or do you feel comfortable working with all knowledgable individuals? Very comfortable.

Regards, JerryR