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12-17-2015, 09:27 PM
Hi everyone,

Wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the downtime at several of the vendors coming up due to the holidays. I highly recommend you get any changes in today or tomorrow that you want in place for Christmas.

Here is the email we sent out to all our partners from earlier this month with specific details:

Christmas and New Year's are creeping up on us and we wanted to give you an early warning that these holidays will affect publishing times. Our offices will be closed Thursday, December 24th through Sunday the 27th for the Christmas holiday and on January 1st for New Year's Day.

We expect that the flurry of pre-Christmas releases and the special holiday hours at our partner stores will result in some delays. If possible, plan ahead and submit any changes or listing requests by December 14th to ensure the changes get published before the break.

We have received additional details directly from several of our partners:


Apple's publishing systems will be experiencing additional delays from Monday, December 22nd, all the way through Friday, January 8th. Any changes meant to be in effect over Christmas need to be made by December 14th at the latest to make sure they are live for the holiday period. (Changes scheduled for the new year need to be made no later than December 18th.)
Please note that any new submissions have to be completely through the approval process by the deadline given to make sure they go live. This means you will want to make sure we have the final manuscript for any new books you want to go up as soon as possible because we anticipate heavy submission volume the week of December 14th to the 18th.

Barnes & Noble

Book submissions and metadata changes supplied to Barnes & Noble from Draft2Digital are processed the next business day. B&N will be closed throughout the week of December 21st, opening again on Monday the 28th. Price changes should still go live during this break (as long as the change doesn't involve a price of "free"), but any other change should be submitted to B&N by the 17th at the latest to make sure we have time to work with their staff should any issues occur.


Kobo's publishing system will be down entirely from December 22nd through December 29th. During this time we will not be able to submit any new books or changes. We recommend getting everything to them by the 18th.

Scribd and Tolino

While Scribd and Tolino will both continue publishing changes, both companies have announced limited support over the break (which greatly restricts how much our Customer Support can assist you with problems at their stores). Scribd support will be closed from December 24th through January 2nd, and Tolino will offer limited support from December 21st through January 3rd.
Due to the volume of submissions during the holiday season, we expect other vendors will take longer than usual to implement changes and to publish new works. However, there are no confirmed or planned publishing delays.
Preorders scheduled during these periods will go live as expected, provided we get the final manuscripts in and approved before the cutoff date of December 18th. I highly recommend getting us the final earlier that week to make sure it gets through review.


M. H. Lee
12-18-2015, 05:42 PM
Thanks, Dan. Wanted to take the chance to say how great you guys are to work with.