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12-16-2015, 09:04 PM
The 2016 Ontario Writers' Conference has just been announced. All updates are on the site. I used to be an organizer and on the board of directors of this conference...but now I am just a friend and attendee. After 8 years, I stepped down to pursue other things...but I'm still a big fan. It's an amazing conference! Quite a few AWers have showed up at the conference over the years. (-: Both as attendees AND as workshop presenters. (-:

Though I am no longer on the board of directors or planning committee...I'm sure I could answer any of your questions if you want to leave them here. (-:

There's an earlybird discount on registration from now until Dec 24th.

Conference takes place in Ajax, Ontario (Just east of Toronto) on April 30th-May 1st.

Here's the website: http://thewritersconference.com/

Some at a glance pages:

Accommodation (http://thewritersconference.com/ontario-writers-conference-overview/accommodations/)

Agent Pitches and Manuscript Mentors (http://thewritersconference.com/ontario-writers-conference-overview/manuscript-mentorships/)

Registration Page (http://thewritersconference.com/registration/)

VENUE (http://thewritersconference.com/ontario-writers-conference-overview/venue-directions/)

Speakers & Facilitators (http://thewritersconference.com/ontario-writers-conference-overview/speakers-facilitators/)

Schedule (http://thewritersconference.com/ontario-writers-conference-overview/schedule/).

Workshop Topics