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11-14-2015, 11:49 PM
For those that are interested in how some writers come to be...

I made it to fifty posts. Gave some critique, welcomed new members and provided writing tips. I will continue to do so, gladly, but now it's my turn to share my work. I will post the latest story I've written in Share Your Work, Non Fiction, as soon as allowed. It's titled "Like Me", i'd greatly appreciate constructive criticism on it.

If I may share some (personal) backstory. I am a writer, and, uh, I just found out. After 41 years spinning around on this globe, bumbling through life unawares to the fact that I can actually write well, I wrote a short story. It was January of 2015, I was in love (again) with a girl fifteen years my junior. She was uh maze ing and it wasn't hard to fall for her, beyond connecting on a physical level, we also connected on an artist level. A level that i didn't quite realize I had at the time. She produces fantastic artwork seemingly without effort. She had to convince me that my writing was good. Well, she moved on. Do I miss her? Uh, yeah! Can you tell?

I suffer, boy do i suffer, from depression and suicidal thoughts. She encouraged me to express to her my feelings and thoughts on a specific day that occurs every few weeks. I obliged and wrote a short story in the third person about how i feel. I had been told to journal by counselors and friends in the past, but found it unhelpful and a waste of time. Time being the most important to me. But I did something different, i wrote in the third person and the words just flowed. Writing my story about somebody else made it so I could exactly express the emotions and feelings. I sent it to her via text message, and she replied "jesus conrad, you need to have your words published." What? I shared it with others and received positive comments. I wrote more short stories and am in the process of writing an autobiographical novel, and I receive more and more encouragement from people the more I write.

I am a high school dropout, skipped college and work as a truck driver. I aint book lerned and was quite surprised at the positive reviews. As well, I don't read books. At all. The last book I read was around ten years ago and I still find myself at odds of reading. I find it extremely boring. No genre has ever piqued my interest and held my attention. And guess what? I don't love writing, or even like it for that matter. Sure it's a creative outlet and I receive words of affirmation but I find it a tedious task, even though I do it well. I guess you'll be the judge of that!

So where does that leave me? Attempting to figure out what to do next. Attend a writing course? Just write a book and hand it out to the world to either crash and burn or find critical acclaim? Movie producers banging down my door for the rights? Sorry, I got carried away dreaming out loud. Anyhow, I really don't know what I'm doing, my work will speak for itself on my natural abilities to write and share a story as I see it in my mind. If you do happen to read my work, feel free to pick it apart and give me a dose of reality. I think it's awesome, you may not!

My name is Conrad, thank you for letting me share

11-15-2015, 06:15 AM
That's quite the story you've got there, Conrad. I'm sure, with your love for the art and determination to succeed you'll go on to do great things! (that was partial sarcasm, sorry. I'm fairly fluent in it.) Nevertheless, I have no doubt that you can create some fine pieces of work. I'm sure life has provided you with plenty to fill a book with and more. That's too bad, about you and your lady love, but it sounds like she remains a good friend, which is fantastic. And you've got plenty of support on your side, many writers don't even have that. If the voice in your books are any bit as interesting as you sound here, I'm sure you'll find success. Oh, and hi! :hi: