View Full Version : Wheat-backed-copper Penny

10-21-2015, 07:29 AM
Check his jacket – she said
at the bottom,
deep down in

that rusty pocket too many hands
slipped into, lies (hers too,
too sweet not to mend

that over the back fence,
roaring off-road four-wheelin-
mudder, size XL load of boy-oh-
boy-next-door’s damage
when the seam split open again)

a lucky penny
still half-full of half a wish,
jackrabbit-holed & jammed
inside a not-so-silver lining: so

stick your finger
deep down in
there – good

luck is where you find it,



I'm hoping this leaves at least a medium-level tang of cynical top notes and not too bitter an after-taste, so left me know if this whine's too angry, thanks!