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10-10-2015, 12:27 AM
This came in my mail box. Thought it might be of interest. Hope it is the right place to put it. From the Bookseller. No personal or financial involvement on my part. :)

We would like to invite you to our inaugural Author Day.

This year we are starting FutureBook Week 2015 with a one-day event dedicated to the creative core of publishing: authors. We feel that this is the right time for authors, publishers and the book trade to come together, share ideas and move from discussion and debate to action.
At a time of unprecedented change and promise, we have chosen to explore complex and potentially tough issues- with a goal of common understanding and growth.

Author Day extends a warm welcome to both independent and traditionally published authors, as well as to their agents and publishers. Findings from the day will be delivered at the FutureBook Conference on Friday 4th December to an international audience at the largest digital publishing conference in Europe.

Reserve your place now (http://thebookseller.msgfocus.com/c/1bVTs5iB2WqrVraMo2hJVvi)

Why Attend Author Day?

Come together with your fellow authors and publishers in a setting of mutual respect and serious debate

Bridge the divides between the author and the industry, self-published and traditional, creative and commercial

Make your voice heard by delivering your ideas, proposals, comments and concerns to our team throughout the day

Contribute to a statement for the FutureBook 2015 conference, the climax of FutureBook Week

Get away from the desk for a day and help place authors at the centre of the contemporary publishing conversation

What You Can Expect from Author Day

Real insight from author advocates: Leading speakers from the Society of Authors and the Alliance of Independent Authors tackle fundamental issues that affect authors such as income, building an audience, publisher relations and opportunities for growth.

Calls for unity: Jane Steen, a British writer now living in Chicago, will describe the independent author’s bid for balance and respect. She will be joined by Kamila Shamsie, whose ‘Year of Publishing Women,’ appeal saw a traditionally published author issue a bold call for action to the industry.
A focus on authors’ needs: As they navigate today’s volatile market, what do authors need to know about technological advances and the complex author-publisher relationship? We will also be looking at brand strategy, content development and digital innovation across new platforms.

A bold approach: our speakers will take on the hot topics that rightly cause controversy: the diversity debate, the gender bias, the battle for recognition being waged by illustrators and translators, the issue of getting boys and men to read, and the complexities of taking a global view in our networked world.

A chance to make your voice heard: Throughout the day, we will be capturing the ideas, proposals, comments and questions of our delegates, which will then be presented at the FutureBook Conference later in the week. Join us for our inaugural Author Day and be part of the conversation.