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Tora Uran
07-19-2015, 01:11 PM
This is probably going to sound like a silly question but since I am self-publishing to KDP for my stories how good of an idea is it to actually subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited service?

I usually do not have a lot of free time for reading though I do it when I can find the time and I know it would be nice to read what other authors in the genre I am writing have out. But money is overall tight so I am not sure if I want to add a subscription service to my list of monthly expenditures. That is unless I start making some money with KDP, then I could just use that to cover the cost of the subscription if it looks like it could be steady income. (I just published my first story this month so it will be a while before I would be able to figure that out.) But until then, is it something I should be looking into?

07-19-2015, 03:50 PM
Consider how many books you buy in a month and how much you spend on them. Is it more or less than what you'd spend on a KU subscription? Would you continue to buy some books, and if so, would you end up paying more overall? That's what I would look at.

09-14-2015, 09:15 AM
Can self published authors opt out of being offered on Kindle Unlimited?

J. Tanner
09-14-2015, 07:23 PM
Can self published authors opt out of being offered on Kindle Unlimited?

If you're in Select, you can't opt-out of just the KU portion, but Select overall is optional.

09-14-2015, 08:14 PM
As Sage said, it's a pretty easy decision if you run the numbers. Also factor in whether the books you want to read are actually available in KU.

Writers Choice
10-31-2015, 01:58 AM
I signed up for Kindle Unlimited today. It's free for 30 days, so I say give it a try. If you don't like it or don't use it, then cancel.

I was able to download my own book - interesting. I wanted to see how others saw it. I think for $9.99, I'll keep it.

I can at the very least support my fellow Indie/Selfies on KU by downloading their books. Few of the people on this forum have given me some really great advice, so now I can return the favor by downloading their book. I like to read for at least one hour before going to bed, so if I like their story, I can give them a good review - although, I found out it won't be verified purchase. If I find I don't like it, with unlimited I can return it and lose nothing.

10-31-2015, 09:19 PM
- although, I found out it won't be verified purchase.

Where did you see that? I was always under the impression that reviews on books borrowed through KU did count as verified purchases. I haven't checked lately, though...lots of things are changing at the Zon.

11-01-2015, 01:15 AM
I'd try it out if it was available in my country. Not sure if I'd consistently manage to read enough books a month to make it financially sound, but it means I could take more chances on books - it doesn't cost any extra to start reading one you might not like and give up half way.

11-01-2015, 02:56 AM
If money is tight, you can always see what other authors are doing for free. A lot of self-publishers have a free promotion at some point and others have the first book in a series permafree. The advantage of that method is you only start paying money when you find a series/author you really like. Then if your income goes up, you can consider the subscription service.