View Full Version : Something like yarny?

07-10-2015, 10:43 PM
Not sure if this is the right place for this. If not, mods, please move to its rightful spot. Thanks.

I currently use Yarny for my writing. I love it. It's user friendly and is set up in a way that I really like.

The problem is it's getting more and more unreliable. I'm not even sure if the developers even take care of it anymore. I've heard any complaints or feedback gets ignored and/or unaddressed.

The site constantly crashes and I sometimes have to spend literally an hour just trying to get on. I'm getting scared that I will one day find all my work gone. Now, I've done backups, so I'm not afraid of entirely losing my work, but it would be most inconvenient. Of course, I would prefer if Yarny could fix its problems, but I'm getting the feeling that that's not likely to happen.

So I would like something that's similar to it, and something that's just as easy to use. I think Scrivener is kind of similar, but it's a bit too complicated for my liking. And it's set up a little differently than I prefer.

Yarny lets you store multiple manuscripts, and each one has a word counter. It automatically saves to the cloud and also lets you download into Word or epub documents. It's also broken up into scenes. I really, really like how the scenes can be shuffled around easily. That is the feature I want most in whatever new program I use.

Anybody got recommendations?