View Full Version : Me and MIPhone: I posted this back in May but after a few critiques I made some tense changes

07-05-2015, 06:48 AM
ME and MIPhone
As a new dawn approacheth, to my right, I do look.
O’er yonder on the nightstand, not a plant nor a book.
But plugged to the wall, in a glow, all alone
Lies my friend, whom I love and I call her, MIPhone

Nonchalantly, I stretch; soon contact is made
Then she shines like the edge of a well-sharpened blade.
Four missed calls, a few texts and the tweets, I inspect.
Then I move onto Youtube, leaving nothing unchecked.

Not Android, nor IPhone nor S-6 can they
Send soft warm vibrations in MIPhone’s sweet way.
Out of bed, on my feet, to the bathroom to pee,
Secure and content with just MIphone and me.

With eyes still unopened and mind still unclear,
I shriek as I meet with my ultimate fear.
In water so yellow, oh so deep in the bowl
She is ever so close to the no return hole.

In my head, memories race, then an ache in my heart
Subdued, there she lies with her face now so dark.
Arms fully extended, I reach in from above
‘Twas love over dignity, not to put on a glove.

If ever I needed recompense, now I pray
That I bought the insurance, but nowise can I say.
But then if I did, one small clause I recall:
“Water damage, no coverage,” should it befall.

I looked all around, then a small prayer, I said.
At that moment I realized that MIPhone was dead.
So I walk out the door, forgetting to flush,
I love you sweet MIPhone, and I’ll miss you so much.