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07-03-2015, 06:39 PM
Hi everybody,

I'm looking for a writing buddy/critique partner who is also writing erotic romance.

Genre: Erotic BDSM Romance M/F - I can read other genres too, but I usually write this genre, so I need someone who knows the writing conventions in erotic romance. Preferably someone who also writes it. :)

I also write derivative works for online publishing. I know many authors put different standards to those, but since I have quite an extensive readership on my blogs where I post these, they have become part of my platform-building. So when working on the stories, I can't distinguish between original and derivative quality-wise.
I need someone with the same opinion. If you think derivative works are to be measured by lower standards and therefore not worth your time or effort, please don't respond, because we'd have fundamentally different needs and interests. I use all my stories to improve and work on my writing skills. Improving myself as an author is why I write at the moment. So I need somebody who will respect me and my stories for whatever they are.

Feedback: I can give line-by-line feedback, or more general feedback. I'll point out grammar/spelling errors.
Limits: What I'm not comfortable with is having to plot for another person, or working out their plot flaws. As a beta-reader I can point out the flaws that I see, but please don't expect me to present you with an in-depth written-out solution for fixing them. If you're looking for detailed help with plotting or structuring, I'm not your woman.

I usually ask for line-by-line feedback (esp. with regards to style and/or grammar). Since English isn't my first language, sometimes odd wordings slip into my stories, so I need someone to point those out, and occasionally offer a better alternative. I'm also still working on making my stories more visceral (showing vs. telling), so it would be good if a potential critique partner had a basic understanding of that as well. Sometimes I might ask for more general feedback to get an idea whether the basic plot works.

Time: I can't give a universal guaranteed response time. I try to go through chapters as quickly as possible, but depending on length and my work schedule, I might take 1-2 weeks occasionally.

I'd be happy to hear back from anyone who's interested. It would be great if I found a compatible writing buddy this way. :)

07-06-2015, 11:08 AM
Are you still looking for a critique partner? I write m/f erotic romance. I don't tend to write bdsm, but read a lot so would be able to give some good feedback based on reader-experience.