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07-02-2015, 11:40 PM
Hey all,

Allow me to introduce myself: My name's Jeff Somers (www.jeffreysomers.com); I've published nine novels and have been writing book-related articles for Barnes and Noble for the last year or so.

I'm working on an article about selling your first novel and am looking for answers a few quick questions. If that last sentence made you very unhappy, please feel free to ignore this post and I will not be offended and won't bug you again.

Basically, the premise of the article will be an examination of what it takes to get published in terms of time and effort, so we need some data. If you're in, here are a few questions to answer (you can post here or email me at jdxs@jeffreysomers.com):

1. How many hours do you write per day?
2. How many days/weeks/months did it take to write your first novel?
3. How long were you writing seriously before you actually produced a novel?
4. How many agents did you query before you found representation?
5. Did you change agents before selling a novel?
6. How big was your first advance?

and, if you're in the mood for ridiculousness

7. Pants or no pants (while writing)?
8. How many drinks/bars of chocolate does it take to write a novel?
9. How many cats/dogs did you own when you sold your first novel?
10. Was any sort of black magic involved?

Obviously, you may not wish to answer all of those, so feel free to ignore any you're not comfortable with. I'll be adding in my own answers as part of the pool.

My default will be to keep the information anonymous - I won't be writing "Mr. Smith received a $50 advance for his first novel and is bitter and filled with regret" unless you specify that I can and should. It's all going to be just data.

If you want to add an anecdote, comment, or other information beyond these data points, I'd be delighted. Just specify whether it's okay to quote you, and I'll also obviously link out to your books if I quote you.

Finally, if you know of other published authors who might be willing to answer these questions, feel free to either forward this email to them directly or to pass their names and contact to me. The more data the better.

Thank you!


Jeff Somers
www.jeffreysomers.com (http://www.jeffreysomers.com)

07-03-2015, 03:27 AM
Hi Jeff,

Welcome to AW. I've closed your thread because we generally don't encourage people to use the forums here as a way to gather such information. Instead we invite all members to participate in the community by posting in threads, getting to know other members, critiquing others' writing, and sharing work for critique. This may not be the best place for you to accumulate data for your project, therefore. However, if you get to know people here, you may find there are opportunities to invite participation, but it would probably have to be on your own site and not in our forums, which are for discussion and not data gathering. As well, you'll find that it is by contributing first that you are most likely to elicit helpful responses to your own endeavors.

Sorry to have to respond to your very first post in this manner, and I do hope you can spend some time here and get to know us a bit. If you're here to participate, you'll find us welcoming.