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Creative Ghost
06-29-2015, 12:48 AM
It's been a while since I ventured in waters such as these.

I've been long away but felt some inspiration today, from Haskins and some others. I saw poems posted here so assumed it was okay to post this one. Hope it isn't against the rules.

Anyway, feel free to comment or not, as you choose. I hope you enjoy.

The Pull of Who We Are

This door had not
opened for quite a long time.
Dead, I re-opened it
in search of some sign.

Ages had passed, yet
there it remained.
Forgotten, unfelt,
battered, blood-stained.

Patiently waiting,
like a beast coiled and poised,
Its song rose and filled me
with rhapsodic noise.

Ka-thump went my heart.
Ka-thump yet again.
Then it pounded like a war drum,
forceful, intent.

My chest became heavy
with dread and delight,
and the weight of old memories
of battle-filled nights.

My fists came unclenched.
My fingers unfurled.
I took the manuscript to me, and
returned to my world.

Newly awakened,
my world filled with light.
My senses rose sharper,
I gazed with new sight.

Eyes blinded too long,
glued shut through the years,
were once again opened,
washed clean by fresh tears.

Screams, conversations
Whispers thousandfold,
now rung in my ears
demanding to be told.

Passion consumed me
I roared with delight.
Alive and unfettered
I banished the night.

The sun flared in new glory
The sky spangled in blue
Crescendoed emotion
Like thunderheads grew

To release with their fury:
Anger, love, shame,
Regret, loss and sorrow -
All fell like rain.

Until, flooding the ground
and soaking the seeds,
joy and contentment
grew bountiful as weeds.

I calmed fears of a child
alone in the night.
Gave strength to an outcast
who fought the good fight.

Watched love, like a wave,
destroy and rebuild.
Felt the spine-tingling thrill
of a vain hope fulfilled.

Love vanquished the mighty,
Pure hatred consumed,
The brave and the foolish
defied their own doom.

I built up whole cities,
raised mountains and seas.
Birthed gods and new peoples,
creatures and dreams.

My horizons were endless
My veins pulsed with delight
I was the mighty creator
Of all within sight.

I laughed and I cried and
I shouted with glee.
Like a chrysalis, reborn,
I was once again Me.

Until the alarm clamored,
brazen and stark.
I opened my eyes,
The world once again dark.

06-29-2015, 03:07 AM
I think this is quite clever. It speaks to me of transformation and that push and pull of and within ourselves.