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06-20-2015, 02:49 AM
So I've got Angie, who went into a fugue state a while back. She's now looking for work in Florida, not knowing that several weeks ago, someone filed a missing person report in California.

Anyone know what FDLE would do if a background check turned up a missing person hit? I would assume they'd send an investigator out to talk to her, and she'd eventually get some psychiatric assistance. (Tried emailing FDLE and they haven't responded yet.)

06-20-2015, 05:20 AM
First, what do you need to have happen for your story? FDLE would not normally send an investigator out, they're not that big an agency and don't really look for missing persons. This could change if it's a juvenile, if the missing person was known to have dementia or Alzheimer's or if there was a criminal case involved with the missing person. FDLE might have the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction where the missing person resides follow up. The fact that the case is out of California makes it even less likely FDLE would do anything beyond notify the California PD that has the missing person report.

You need to understand a missing person report. If a normal, sane adult disappears by choice, and you file a missing person report, you may never know that the person has been found. For an adult who disappeared voluntarily and with no medical or other risk, the missing person has to give police permission to contact who reported them missing.

If you need this to be a significant event in your story line, up the ante. Make the missing person report include human trafficking possibilities, maybe sexually abused or documented mentally unstable (they don't just take your word for it...). Something that elevates this beyond your basic person walking out of the life they no longer want. Or, have the person filing the report hire a detective to do a skip trace on your missing person.


06-20-2015, 07:08 AM
I've got enough going on in the story that she could initially go in as an EMO, then get changed to EMI, now that I've looked at things a little more closely.

Her daughter went missing 5 years ago, and Angie took off, never to be heard from again, as far as anyone knows. When the daughter was rescued a year ago, it was huge national news, so there's no way Angie would have missed it. After the initial report goes in, her daughter finds a source of fingerprints. Those eventually lead to previously unidentified fingerprints found at the scene of an assault involving a guy who was later arrested for multiple murders. That should be enough to get her upgraded to EMI, I'd think.

A lot of this occurs off-camera, since I'm in first person. I just need to have it sorted out in my head.

Thanks. You gave me enough of a nudge to look at it from a different angle, and I should be good.

06-21-2015, 12:59 AM
Cool. With the background you provided, it should make a decent book. Dealing with first person, without annoying side trips, can make this a bit more trouble for the writer but, if your character gets bits and pieces, like a news story or finding out that the police contacted her prospective employer looking for her, could add some really good suspense.

Good luck.