View Full Version : TripiTipi [Psychedelic Dream] writing contest

06-03-2015, 01:01 AM
The Deadline of this Contest will be ended on 1 of july, our beautiful poised actresses will sing the pitchs/ideas and from the opened digested entriesI'll post the winners.

Write a short pitch, or a teaser or a paragraph of a script with the psychedelic/dream topic
in mind;

The winner will have an opportunity to write a scrip for the film and to travel to our film locations with the shamans from Mexico to Peru, and inbetween the amazon.

the lovely trips, the dreams,the eerie fantasy worlds,the enhancement of reality and the description of minute changes in perception, the thrilling taste of colors and swirling blobs of a new world materialising and vanishing around,the positive surges of energy, the suddent melts of reality, the epifanies,the inspiration, the new eye-opening feelings...

No no-nonsense, everything is valid , but there could be still a boring idea or concept,if you only paint with the usual colors of the spectrum...

Go wild or go home!(and trip balls.Then Gulp a new punch of fresh Air and go at it again.Doesn't cost anything but a few laughs!)

It can be a Collab. between two writers, a crossover mix between two or more people scrippting, making a normal script and scrambling the lines and then editing a litle, a poem,drawing scene comicbook boxes, EVERYTHING IS VALID If the Ideas Bluble with creativity and get across the point.

(HAVE FUN! for script's sake and remember to take brakes to visit places that you've never awakenend.)Leave Editing for Last and Storm the Brain like a mad Zeus.

Ever felt cornered and blank writting a normal scrip?
This is your chance to use all those quirky amazing ideas you have!!

[If you are out of ideas you can write about the shamanic search]

also send your pitch to [email protected]