View Full Version : What's the correct police procedure for a robbery in progress?

05-04-2015, 09:55 PM
Let's say there's a home invasion robbery taking place. If the police are called and the robbers are still in the home, do the police wait until they emerge from the home to arrest them?

Also, let's say there's a similar situation only there's just one officer on the scene. I'm assuming they'd call for backup and wait? What if the robbers attempt to flee before backup arrives?

Sorry for the specific questions. Hopefully there are some police experts out there that can help me out. :)

T Robinson
05-05-2015, 02:54 AM
You need to narrow the scenario to get a proper response.

Country, town, city, small, flat in the middle of nowhere, apartment (top, middle, bottom), duplex, condo? The response depends on what you are responding to.

Who called? Neighbor, victim, victim hiding in a closet while it is going on?

Details from caller?

Number blocked or shows to a specific address?

Jurisdiction? Does the call go to the one who has it, or is there a need to call other agencies

Types of weapons and number of perpetrators?

Size of responding agency? Level of training for this type of situation?

The computer should also identify any other calls to this address and what type they were. If not, that needs to be taken into account.

Remember that there have been cases of fake calls like this to divert police response to other crimes taking place, as in this call while the real crime is an armed robbery across town.

You will get a more realistic appraisal/response if you provide a few details.

05-05-2015, 08:51 AM
Okay, I'll lay out as much information as I can.

The year is 1989. The robbery takes place at an apartment in Paris, France, located on a middle floor.

The caller would be a victim, let's say a thirteen year old boy who's able to make the call before they can discover that he's there. One of the robbers discovers him and his phone call is cut off. He's able to catch a glimpse of two of the robbers: Two men in their early 20s hooded and masked, one has a gun. He's able to make the call while they're restraining his parents.

The victim would call the police emergency number for France which is 17.

There's a total of 3 robbers. The third is a female of similar age to the two men.

For weapons: One has a handgun, the woman has a knife, the last is unarmed but very brawny.

For the purposes of my story I need the robbers to flee as or just before the police arrive. They will split up as they run. The one with the gun will draw the attention of the police and is shot and killed in the process.

I think that's about all the details I can give. Thanks again to anyone that can help.

05-05-2015, 09:01 AM
Setting it in Paris makes the answer a little more difficult, since the police procedures used in France may differ from those in the US.

But in general, there are two things to keep in mind. First, despite numerous movies and TV, police never respond to a robbery in progress call with lights and siren. They don't want the robbers to know they're on their way.

They would respond if possible, with at least four cars, and first set up a perimeter around the house or business covering all avenues of escape. They would try to position their cars in such a way that they have a visual on the house, but cannot be seen from inside the house by somebody looking out being a block or so away and using binoculars is a common tactic.

From there, circumstances will vary and dictate response but again, in general, police will wait for the robbers to exit the residence and get some distance away. The last thing they want to do is confront the robbers coming out the front door who will then turn and run back into the house, creating a dangerous hostage situation.

So yes, having the police waiting out of sight, keeping the robbers under surveillance but letting the them leave the house before pursuing them would be a realistic scenario.

05-05-2015, 09:24 AM
If it were my house the cops better get in there and rescue the intruders from my dogs or my wife. Because theyre either getting eaten or shot;it depends on who gets them first.

05-05-2015, 01:34 PM
The year is 1989. The robbery takes place at an apartment in Paris, France

I imagine there's a European Commission directive on point, which the attending gendarmes are required to read before heading out to the job, and they probably have to sign a register that they have read it...