View Full Version : Transferring Reviews to Ebook

04-30-2015, 11:49 PM
Question: Is it possible to transfer reviews for a paperback to that of an ebook (the same book, of course)? To clarify, I am referring to Amazon reviews.

I self-published a hardback novel several months ago and have since garnered several reviews. Knowing I will eventually (2 months) be releasing the book in ebook format, would it be wise to hold off asking for reviews from people I know if I'm just going to have to ask them again for ebook reviews or is it possible to include hardback reviews on an ebook page?

Thanks in advance.

04-30-2015, 11:57 PM
If your ebook and hardcopy have the exact same title and author name they will appear as formats on the same listing with the same reviews.

04-30-2015, 11:59 PM
Amazon will connect everything pretty well. Reviews for the ebook will show up on the paperback page with something like "This review is for a different edition."