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04-26-2015, 01:05 AM
Like the title suggests, I'm branching out. I'm looking to take on tales in genres different than my usual Science-fiction and Fantasy to improve my tastes and refresh my critting skills.

So here goes:

I want to take on your first three chapters. This is a no-strings-attached sort of deal. I take what you give me, give my thoughts, opinions, and suggestions, we shake hands and probably never speak to one another again like two people after a bad one-night stand.

That is, unless I really like what you've got. In that case, I'll stop to ask you for more. Now this is me being interested in you. You don't have to take on my WIP, I'm in it because I want to be.

Genres I'm Looking for:
Sci-fi and Fantasy are my two main genres.
I'll also take on YA, Literary fiction, Horror, Mainstream, Contemporary, and Romance.

Please NO Erotica, LGBT, anything with a crap-ton of swearing, and no real-world religious elements except for Happy Happyism (+1 rep if you get the reference :D). Also, if you have talking anthropomorphic animals, you need not apply.

You should have at least ran something of yours through SYW. I am NOT going to correct writing mistakes, or attempt to make your writing look like mine. So please have it as polished as can be. If it's loaded with mistakes, I'm going to say so and hand it back to you.

Here's how I want this done:
Please PM me.
DO NOT send me a blurb, synopsis, or example query letter about your WIP. I want to go in completely and utterly blind - what your story is about should be clear within the first three chapters.
DO tell me about your writing style - what narrative mode(s) you like to use, whether past or present tense, passive or active voice, multiple POVs, that sort of thing.
DO tell me what your story involves - these would be things like: Utopian Bat-like aliens, harvesting human flesh, space-cars, Cthulhu, guns that sound like dubstep when fired, beamswords, nudity, sexual references and innuendos, jokes about clowns... you get the idea.
Lastly, DO tell me what stage your WIP is in - is it completed and ready for beta-ing, or is it in x-stage draft? I will NOT accept first-drafts.

And remember, this is no-strings attached. Take it or leave it. :)
If you liked the feedback you received, I do take rep points. :D

Thanks for your con-sid-er-a-tion,
~ Shiro