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jaus tail
04-13-2015, 07:54 PM
Chubby cheeks, elephant ears flap them once.
Run away, run away
elephant’s angry.
Oh, elephant, don’t sit on me. Have some mercy, chubby cheeks.
Where’s your tail, chubby cheeks?
Do you use a blanket for a diaper?

Another day with friends

Glaring her eyes her mother warned
Not to cry
Learn to laugh and have fun
Cheer up, baby girl
Learn from your siblings
Learn, learn, learn

With disgust the kid bit her arms
Teeth piercing the thick flesh
Marks on either side
But the fat didn’t go

Ugly conquered her belief
Cried alone with her shadow
Punched the wall and screamed till her throat ached

If only her mother understood
Her kid was humor intolerant

Maybe asking ‘which brand of cheese do you eat?’
Isn’t a funny banter by a friend.

‘Your daughter can’t take a joke,’
said an aunt.
‘She’ll have trouble in college.
One must learn to socialize and talk with all,’
she concluded.

A host in a TV show said,
‘We must learn to laugh at ourselves--
Don’t take life seriously--
Who are you to not laugh at a joke--’

will the host be equally optimistic if I

whip him with a burning leash?
That’s my form of humor.

One takes cold seriously and withdraws from drinks
What about emotional health?

You choose the food you eat
Spit any accidental stones.

What about people who enter your life?
Isn’t the soul sacred to bar entry to the not-so-nice friends?

The ones who mock,
pass snide remarks,
turn you into a target.
Bully, slap, order you to laugh at yourself.

Why must I laugh at myself?
Why can’t you just live your own life?
Or at least let me live.

Some people can’t take sugar.
I can’t take a joke directed towards me.
In return
I won’t pelt my humor at you.