View Full Version : Co-author for Gay or Lesbian Novel

02-17-2015, 09:46 PM
I'm looking for a co-author to start a new M/M or F/F fiction novel. It wouldn't be too serious - I freelance as a comic author and write prose for fun - but if it's only worth your time to publish we can form an agreement and do so. I just want a friend with whom I can collaborate and chill. My solo script work is published and self-published, I've finished multiple novels and shorts casually; I'm not looking for a mentor or sounding board. I've co-written projects in the past with equals and had a lot of fun. We got to know each other via instant message, discussed and plotted, then wrote over Google Docs or e-mail.

I've written across most genres and greatly prefer anti-heroes/villains to traditional hero stories. Some stuff I like: smart characters, ladies who are strong and not just because they act like men, romance, erotica, bromance, isolation, prehistory, melting pot societies, crime, power, conspiracies, neutrality, occult, paranormal, people killing each other, violence, piracy, black comedy, psychological horror, dystopia, weird flora/fauna, weird things in general.

I have very thick skin and enjoy constructive criticism. I'm a lesbian and would prefer writing with a fellow queer person but if you think we could mesh creatively let me know! We can exchange writing samples and see what happens. No pressure to stick around if we don't click.