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jaus tail
01-24-2015, 07:24 PM
Hello, everyone,

I wrote this query letter to let my creative side fly in loops, and thought of starting this game. How about we write letters from an unconventional character. Like a job application written by a sycophant, a letter asking for leave by a disciplinarian, or something like that. A resignation letter written by a brutally honest man or a proposal letter by a liar.

I'll go first...Query Letter by Teenage Girl who's got everything in life.

Hey editor,

Watcha doin…

I’ve finished this story and I think it’s awesome with a capital A. If you must know then may I say that my essay was voted the more awesome essay in English class. Everyone loved it(applause).

So I’ve finished this novel. It’s about ten thousand words and I was thinking maybe I would like to publish it. I don’t know about royalty, for I’m not after money. Right now, I’m looking for critical acclaim, awards n giving lectures to students. I do think I can change the world.

And to be frank, I would totally love to work like castle. I even got my hair done like him. I’ve attached the photo to this email.

So if you’re interested, do call me. The novel is in my laptop so I guess you’ll have to send someone from your publication house to come and collect it. I would’ve come myself but the laptop is heavy.

By the way, I’m going on a ski trip from tomorrow for seven days. So if you can call me today then that’d be great but otherwise, call me after the week gets over. Don’t be shy, dear.


Enclosed: my photo