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01-12-2015, 07:31 PM
I have a 91k ms for which I'm seeking a third AW beta (synopsis below). Prefer direct swap of completed mss (<100k), but the heartfelt promise of a future masterpiece to read is ok, too....

I read fast, turnaround usually 1 week, but do not demand the same from others :), though prefer someone who can complete a read inside a month. Like to read: SF, fantasy, adventure, YA/NA through adult, no first drafts or write-as-we-go, please. I've done 12 beta reads on AW since last summer.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

When Sam Conroy trips over a witch at the local swimming hole, the retaliatory spell she casts on him binds both of them with a rebounding curse which can only end when the witch dies, or Sam chooses to save her.

All Sam wanted was to ask a girl out, but accidentally trampling the old woman and her cat earns him a curse as punishment. However, both Sam and the witch soon find that the one-time curse has taken on a life of its own. While Sam becomes clumsier, falling in exponentially increasing incidents each day, the witch weakens physically. With both parties soon incapacitated, only the witch’s cat-familiar, Victor, can act to sever the toxic connection between them. After Sam’s symptoms increase to the point where he can no longer endure them, the two agree to cooperate to save the witch and remove the curse, freeing both from its negative effects. Sam thinks that his life has returned to normal, but soon learns that it was his own latent magic that led to the rebounding curse, and that his new skills have attracted the attention of powers both good and evil who will struggle to claim him for their own.

01-14-2015, 05:07 PM
This sounds great. Will pm you.