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12-11-2014, 11:16 PM
I know I'm a couple weeks late, but I just wanted to share this anyway.

I was staying with my PhD advisor at her house in Boston a few weeks ago, and one day we walked down to the street to drive to campus, and there was a lone turkey strolling down the sidewalk in the rain in the middle of Boston. I never learned where it came from.

So I wrote this poem.


Last in the World
for Christopher Columbus

I wake up and the city's empty and the sky
is emptying its tear ducts all across the remains

of dawn and when I walk down to check
the morning paper, it tells me that everyone

has fled the earth and I am the last
in the world and it's only a matter

of time until I too am shuffled off
by the Bureau of Earthling Affairs

but then across the street I see a single turkey
walking down the sidewalk in the rain,

bobbing its long neck with each step,
and of course I wonder what it symbolizes,

because I remember it's Thanksgiving today,
and I think my mother would say

it is the spirit of past rain priests
visiting me to protect me and give me food,

and my brother would say it is trying
to escape the city before it is too late,

and I think he would be right so I follow
the turkey as we walk into the wind through

the skyscraper canyons as the rain pelts us,
but soon we see silver ships on the horizon

and I know this will not go well, so I
wonder if in the empire built after we are gone

will the alien historians tell stories of the Earthling who
greeted them with a turkey at the end of the world.

12-12-2014, 04:44 AM
The visual is fantastic. You show this scene gracefully and conversationally.