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03-28-2006, 11:52 PM
Re: GOALS, of course!!!!!!

Are there any crime/suspense/erotica writers out there who are interested in pairing up with me for some cheerleading? A few rah-rah-rahs and goal motivating chants?

Having a partner in crime helps you know! Although, the genre doesn't really matter.

I'm not so much in need for a crit partner, as such. I am, however, looking foward to help motivate and have someone motivate me; to complete goals, exchange word counts, successes and failures via email and / or instant messenger on a daily basis, or as near to as possible. I'm quite anal about my goals, but I still need encouragement! It would be great if you did, too!

If you are going to write a first, fast draft (sort of book-in-a-month style) then that would be perfect - because that's what I am about to start, but it's not a requirement. I just need someone who is keen to published, wants to be whipped into action, and takes their goals seriously. Am I asking for too much?

In case you hadn't already figured it out, (and if you are a crime writer, well, you probably have already ) I'm from the UK. Not sure if that matters, but thought it should be mentioned. You might need to know if you have ideas of critting each others work later, or because of the time difference.

I work 4 mornings a week, and one day (usually Fridays) I just write all day -- when I'm motivated, of course!

Feel free to ask me (almost) anything, and I will reply. I write content articles, freelance and I'm a columnist, too. So I have plenty of writing experience, just not as a published novelist!!!! That could change with your help...

Anyway, if you are interested, please PM me (or write a note here) and we can have a chat, and take it further.

Hope to speak to you soon! :hooray: