View Full Version : Mentor?

Taylor Harbin
11-21-2014, 07:28 AM
I've had good experiences with betas, but I would really like a mentor. I'm twenty-five, hopelessly in love with the art of writing, but I would like someone older and wiser (or at least more experienced) who can give me some guidance about individual projects or honing my craft in general (maybe career advice too).

I'm about to graduate from grad school, so I'll have my evenings to myself to dedicate to my work. I had a mentor many years ago who helped me learn the basics about manuscript format, story structure, grammar, etc. Now I'm ready for someone to help me get to the next level, in whatever way he/she can. For example, how do you take daily observations and make a story out of it? How can I write a story with the goal of timelessness?

Not sure what else to include about myself, so feel free to ask questions.

I look forward to any replies/PMs.