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10-19-2014, 05:55 AM
I'm really struggling to sell a piece. It's gotten a few rejections, but really I'm running out of venues to try.

Markets that accept flash fiction generally ask for up-to 100 words.
Most other venues only go as low as 500 words.

This piece is 220 words. Any suggestions where I should shoot for?

10-19-2014, 06:27 AM
In this thread (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59234), there's a link to a blog posting (http://www.everydayfiction.com/flashfictionblog/flash-markets-2/) of flash fiction markets by word count. Scroll down to 101-599 and you'll see a bunch of possibilities.

10-19-2014, 06:34 AM
Nano Fiction (300 word limit), Boston Literary Review (250), Vestal Review (300- very competitive), Dogzplot (200- you'd have to trim it), Apocrypha and Abstractions (500), Yellow Mama (500- transgressive fiction), Postcard Shorts (250), The Linnet's Wings (400)

ETA: It would help if you told us where you have already tried and also what, if any, genre.

10-19-2014, 06:58 AM
Thanks Marlys!

ETA: It would help if you told us where you have already tried and also what, if any, genre.

It's horror.

I've only now began tracking rejections with an excel spreadsheet because I didn't realize Gmail will delete Trashed emails after a month - lost several rejections and am not sure all the places that have turned it down.

That said, here is what I've been able to recover:

Daily Science Fiction
Shock Totem
Dark Fuse
Fantasy Scroll Magazine
Perpetual Motion

Right now it's sent out to Fireside and Halloween Forever.

10-19-2014, 05:05 PM
Here are a few from Duotrope. They're listed as accepting horror flash fiction under 1,000 words. I'm not sure if they'd want micro-fiction but then others specify 500-1,000 words whereas these don't: Disturbed Digest, Allegory, Andromeda Spaceways, Apex, Aphelion, Apokrupha: Lamplight, Barbaric Yawp, Bards and Sages Quarterly, Beorh Quarterly, Bewildering Stories, Beyond Imagination Literary Magazine, Blood Moon Rising, Cast of Wonders, Crooked Shift, Danse Macabre.

There are dozens more. You might want to subscribe to Duotrope, I think it's only about $5 per month. Or The (Submission) Grinder, which is free but not as complete. Ralan's is just for SFF, which probably includes horror. It think it's free but I'm not sure.