View Full Version : Looking for recommendations on audiobook players in UK with Linux PC

10-01-2014, 08:13 PM
Hope this is in the right forum.

So, have an elderly Apple iPod - about 10 years old - which has done very good service on playing audio books and music. Mostly use when doing a boring job like painting a wall. It has the downside of regularly getting the string from the iPod to the headphones in the paint tray, or catching it on a door knob, but other than that, not bad.
However now we've moved onto Linux on the PC, we've not found any software that allows me to put on new books or music :(

Given its age, was starting to think of replacing it and have been looking at all in one sports head phones - where the device is in the bit that goes on your head. Also generally looking at ones with bit of string.

So any comments on a good audiobook player that also plays music?
My definition of good is one that where the book is loaded in chapters, lines them up in the correct play order whether as an album or some other way and also doesn't loose its place.

Next level is robust enough to go in pocket and survive and also not jump tracks because I bent over and squidged it (if not one of the headphone only sort).

Battery life is the other important one. Preferably up to 8 hours before recharge needed, or if less than that, ideally recharges in about an hour so can get it recharged while having lunch or going out to buy even more paint. :)

Really important - all must cope with book downloads from a Linux PC.

Or if someone could tell me how to download books to an elderly Apple iPod using Linux PC that would also fix my problem for now....

Hapax Legomenon
10-01-2014, 08:24 PM
If your ipod is old enough, gtkpod (http://www.gtkpod.org/wiki/Home) might work.

Otherwise you'll just want a basic MP3 player that can plug into a computer and you can mess with the file trees. I know in the US there are a lot of generic mp3 players that have screens so one of those would likely work. Failing that, android plays nice with linux, so a smartphone with no SIM should let you play these audiobooks as well.

10-02-2014, 04:34 AM
I've had success using Linux to put audio files on my iPhone 3 with the Rhythmbox and Banshee media players. There's a stupid/annoying trick to it, though. You have to have the Nautilus window manager installed and open a window using that, then navigate to the iPhone using the sidebar. Nautilus gives you the option to open the device with Rhythmbox and if you do that and transfer one audio file, you can then happily manage all other transfers through the much more user-friendly Banshee.

(Disclaimer: this works for mp3 music files, but I don't actually listen to audiobooks. YMMV?)

10-03-2014, 11:50 PM
Thank you to you both.

Trying gtkpod and running into problems, was wondering if it was the iPod being of the wrong age.
The error message says
" Import Repository Errors" Errors created during respository import.
Extended info will not be used.
And also a message about not finding the photos directory (but there are no photos).

It can see the iPod files - the ones put onto the iPod under Windows with Media Monkey. gtkpod displays the files on a gtkpod pane with all the albums and tracks etc, but when you delete a file, it seems to do it, then on closing gtk says "do you want to save changes" and when you press "save" it crashes and hasn't done the save.

I have spent about half an hour looking online for bug fixes etc, it is a known bug it seems, but I have failed to understand the answers/work arounds - or the answers aren't simple. :)

So thought I'd come back and ask again, in case it is just I have the wrong age of iPod - before I crunch even more time on this trying to work out what I haven't done. :)

One answer suggested going to Guayadeque - but looking at it there was no mention of it working with iPods.

Have tried Banshee and Rhythmbox previously but not through Nautilus. Going to have a bit more of a go to see if I can make gtkpod work before adding Nautilus to my machine.