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09-19-2014, 06:10 PM
After much toil and trouble (more toil, I have to admit!) my first book How the Wolf Lost Her Heart (http://www.amazon.com/How-Wolf-Lost-Her-Heart-ebook/dp/B00NOAZNYQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411134227&sr=8-1&keywords=sarah+brownlee) is out on Amazon. There will be paperback editions in the next week, but I'm proud to announce the Kindle edition is up and running.

It's true that it's a huge challenge self-publishing and I've had some brilliant help from people in the self-publishing section who have shared their expertise, so big thanks to those people! After the mountain of rejections, I decided this was the road I wanted to take and I'm very pleased I did. There's still a long way to go of course, but I'm hopeful that this will be the stepping stone towards bigger and brighter things.

Here's the front cover; I was very pleased the first time I saw it.


So yes - first book published! I'm ecstatic - I achieved the goal I'd set myself 12 years ago, to be published before the age of 30, albeit not quite as I'd expected, but I'm thrilled nonetheless and very optimistic about what the future holds. :D

Chris P
09-19-2014, 06:18 PM
Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment!

09-19-2014, 09:08 PM
Self-pubbing is a tremendous challenge! Congratulations! Wishing you tons of success!

Siri Kirpal
09-19-2014, 10:13 PM
Sat Nam! (Literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

Congrats! May it do well!


Siri Kirpal

09-19-2014, 10:57 PM

09-20-2014, 01:09 AM
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your words of congrats! :D

09-20-2014, 02:16 AM
Congratulations! Great title and a nice cover.

09-21-2014, 04:18 PM
CGs on the first book and good luck with sales!

09-21-2014, 10:32 PM
Thanks Jassack and Phaeal! :D

09-22-2014, 05:15 AM
Just for curiosity, if you don't mind saying, how much money do you think that you've spent in total on this project? I understand if you don't want to share that info. The sequel to Rarity from the Hollow is almost finished and I'm exploring options. Thanks

09-22-2014, 06:02 AM
Congratulations! :partyguy:

Best of luck with the sales! :D

09-22-2014, 08:22 AM
Thanks, J.B!

Hi Robertt - do you mean just this book or getting my name out as a writer aswell, e.g, creating websites? If it's the book alone, I've spent about $25 (15) so far. $15 went to a promotional company who will feature the book on their website; they have a lot of readers so I'm hoping this one will boost sales. A further $10 went towards ordering the proof on Createspace.

I'm lucky in the sense I'm connected to proof-readers, editors and book cover designers; as a freelance writer, rather than pay upfront, general payment includes me using my freelancing abilities to return the favour. Also, in terms of promotion/creating a website/marketing myself, it's something I feel I can do on my own with the assistance of a few helpful friends. It will be some time before I'll be able to tell if my strategy works, but I've got my fingers crossed! :)