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Contest Fiction
08-06-2014, 07:10 PM
We are a new site establishing ourselves with our first ever monthly writing contest.

For our first contest we are accepting Flash Fiction in the following genres:

Chck Lit
Historical Fiction
Humour & Comedy
Science Fiction
Speculative Fiction

For the purpose of this contest we are defining flash fiction as no more than 2000 words and no less than 250 words. We have other requirements – please see our Author Terms & Conditions page (http://contestfiction.com/writer-terms-conditions/).

We intend running similar contests each month. All entries received in July are eligible for the August contest, all entries received in August are eligible for the September contest. Etc.

As this is our first ever contest we are offering the first 10 entries for free rather than their usual fee of $4.

First prize is $500 with $1250 to be awarded in total. See our Prize Pay Outs page (http://contestfiction.com/prize-pay-outs/) for more details.

We don’t judge your fiction you do, or rather the world-wide reading web does. Within 48 hours of receiving your submission subject to contest stipulations we publish it on our site. Our subscribers (and anyone can subscribe) then review your fiction and the highest rated stories each month win the prizes. We also award prizes to our subscribers too. Please see our Reviewer Terms and Conditions Page (http://contestfiction.com/reviewer-terms-and-conditions/) for more details.

In addition to prizes for the highest rated fiction we also award prizes for the most promoted fiction – what is a story without a reader?! So we encourage you to share your story among your social media network and beyond. And because promotion of your stories is promotion of our site we award prizes too. Again see our Prize Pay Outs page for more details.

Any questions please comment below or get in touch with us via our site (http://contestfiction.com).

08-09-2014, 10:10 AM
If the contest is judged by the general public (or votes from blog followers and facebook fans), doesn't that turn it into a popularity contest, rather than one based on literary merit?

Contest Fiction
08-11-2014, 11:05 PM
There is a popularity element with prizes for promoting stories.

But the winning stories are based on the rating scores not the number of ratings.

A widely promoted story that lacks literary merit is likely to be rated down.

We are hoping the contest will host a mixture of literary and populist fiction - time will tell!

08-13-2014, 01:19 AM
If the contest is judged by the general public (or votes from blog followers and facebook fans), doesn't that turn it into a popularity contest, rather than one based on literary merit?

My thoughts exactly. I mean, let's face it, even if I was the epitome of the perfect writer but had few followers as of yet and wrote a genre that garnered little attention, what are the odds I would get that many public votes?

Doesn't seem worth my trouble unless I had a large following of dedicated readers who never hesitate to suggest my works to their similarly large followings.

Contest Fiction
08-13-2014, 03:25 PM
We ourselves are also promoting our site and all the stories we publish.

We also have prizes for reviewers where one of the requirements is the number of stories they read and rate so we believe this will ensure no story gets neglected.

Contest Fiction
09-01-2014, 04:31 AM
We have extended our current contest by one more month.

Entries can now be submitted up to September 30th.

09-18-2014, 06:10 AM
It says "minimum entry is $4, but you can choose to pay more to win more". What does that mean?

Contest Fiction
09-18-2014, 03:06 PM
Hello Nate

The prizes are set at 50x's the entry fee, and you can choose what entry fee you want to make.

So for $4 fee the prize is $200, $5 fee $250 prize, $10 (maximum fee) prize $500 etc.

This is detailed in full on the Prize Pay Out page (http://contestfiction.com/prize-pay-outs/) of our website.