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07-16-2014, 04:33 PM
I've been querying my current MS now for a year, and I'm pretty much done with it. I currently have 6 submissions outstanding. I did PitchWars with the book last Dec-Jan and really enjoyed it and got some interest in it. The two agents who requested material in Jan are part of my outstanding subs because I sent a revision to them in April, and they're usually 6-monthers.

I have a new WIP I'd like to submit to the Aug PitchWars--same genre. Agent round is in Sept. Would it be a big no-no for me to participate with a new MS if those 6 subs are still outstanding come Sept (assuming I'm chosen)? Or as long as I let anyone who requests material know I have other material outstanding, it's okay? I'd hate to let the opportunity to work with some great people go by and have to wait a whole year before I get the chance again...


And thanks!

Aggy B.
07-16-2014, 05:47 PM
I think the best move is to pitch/query the new book. If you get an offer on the first, you let them know you have a second book out on query and you let the agents with the second book know you have an offer on a different book. (And vice-versa, if you should get an offer on #2 first.)

I don't believe you have an obligation to tell anyone about the first/second book until an offer is made. Partly because it could seem like one of those "tricks" folks use to try and leverage a fast response. But there's nothing that says you can't query two books at once (in separate letters, of course).

I haven't been in that position, but I had been anticipating it prior to securing my agent, so this is the plan that I had formulated. YMMV.

Good luck! :)

07-16-2014, 07:44 PM
Janet Reid, agent extraordinaire, just discussed this on her blog. The basic gist was "go for it":

I'm in a very similar position - I have a few fulls and partials out for a previous manuscript (Adult Fantasy) and have started querying a second novel (YA Fantasy) about 9 months after the first. From everything I've read, if I were to get an offer on the second novel, I would notify the agents with my first.

Interestingly, I'm getting a lot quicker responses on my second novel. Not sure if it's just more interesting to agents or what, but I'm getting more requests in a day or two and already have 3 fulls and 2 partials out after querying for a few weeks.

07-16-2014, 11:23 PM
I'm querying my third novel and I definitely have novel overlap. I think it's just the nature of the game. I say go for it. The only thing that's frowned on (I think) is querying two novels at the exact same time.