View Full Version : Baden Revolution of 1849

05-12-2014, 08:54 AM
I have a lot of questions about this topic, so I'd love to find someone who knows a lot (or a little) about it.

But here's one of them: after the Revolution began, when would be the last time a revolutionary from Heidelberg would see his city before its occupation by the Prussians?

I know that he would have to go to Carlsruhe to be sworn to support the imperial constitution and the State Committee and to be drilled, but once his (rather basic, it seems) training was finished would he return to Heidelberg, leaving it whenever troops moved out of Heidelberg and returning whenever he could? Heidelberg was occupied by the Prussians on June 21st; when was the last time the average revolutionary would have seen it before then? The last time a not-so-average, usually-far-from-home revolutionary would have seen it? I'm planning a touching parting scene in a novel, which would lose a great deal of its power if the revolutionary in question returns every few days until the occupation. (It's one of those "the last time I saw him" scenes.) My only good source at the moment is the at times informative, at times infuriating book The German Revolution of 1849: Being an Account of the Final Struggle, in Baden by Charles William Dahlinger.