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04-06-2014, 11:13 AM
OK, this is the situation. Time, 1967-68, place, Georgetown Guyana.

Boy, 17, girl, 18, with different interests.

He's moody and silent because his motorbike (a Yamaha, but could be a Honda or a Suzuki) has broken down and can't be fixed because a spare part is missing and it has to be imported (from the UK, or USA) so he won't be able to use the bike for a few weeks.

The only spare part of a motorised vehicle I can name offhand is spark plugs, so spark plugs are my placeholder, and it's probably totally wrong -- do motorbikes even need spark plugs???

So I need a convenient Missing Spare Part.

Also, I need a snippet of conversation the boy has with his friends over motorbikes and missing parts. Just two or three lines, as mysterious as possible, because the girl doesn't have a clue. (It's a bit of a funny scene because she's obsessing about his bad temper and rudeness and thinks it's about her, but it's only about his damned bike.)

Anyone who can offer two or three lines, which I will quote verbatim, will be named in the acknowledgements, and a free digital copy. This book has a publisher so that's a promise (not worth much I know but anyway!)

Mr Flibble
04-06-2014, 01:22 PM
Motorbike do use spark plugs, so you're OK there! Though usually they'd be in plentiful supply. An exhaust (or baffle, which you play with the enhance performance, or did on older bikes) might well have to be ordered. My baffle came out once (long story) and I had to wait ages for a new one to come in. I could still ride the bike, but it made an awful bloody racket!

For a mysterious convo, how about "I'm going to change the forks, upgrade to drag pipes and play with the the baffle, and then I'll really be able twist its neck!'

In translation -- 'I'm going to get better front suspension, upgrade the exhaust pipes and tinker with the exhaust performance, then I'll really be able to make it go!'

Ofc I'm not sure how universal this language is, exactly.

04-06-2014, 01:36 PM
I love that line! And now what does his friend say, which is just as mysterious and baffling to her?:)

Mr Flibble
04-06-2014, 01:50 PM
Ah, right

'Nah, I'd go for fishtails. Those babies are slick.'

(Fishtail, type of exhaust pipe like this (http://www.sportyspecialties.com/cgi-script/csPublisher/library/longshotgunexhaust%202-1-2008%2011-19-50%20AM.jpg) as opposed to drag pipes which are shorter)

ETA: Or they could talk about how great a featherbed is ( revolutionary type of frame from the 50s/60s)

04-06-2014, 11:49 PM
I'd recommend making the bike a '64 Yamaha YA6 (125cc). They were prone to melting a hole in the piston if the wrong spark plug (inappropriate heat range) was used. A new piston had to be shipped from Japan, a considerable delay. See link...