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04-01-2014, 08:56 PM
Hey, y'all! I need a beta reader for my historical fiction.

(query posted below).

I'm not the best at grammar so I need someone to be on the watch for that, and if I could have feed back about the general tone, pacing, story of the work that'd be great too.

If interested, please PM me and we can swap emails. Then I'll send you the first chapter to see if we mesh. Thanks.

Dear Agent,

Newly orphaned Belle Johnson arrives in Nashville in 1831, alone and friendless. Her Philadelphia-bred opposition to slavery isn't appreciated by her Uncle Hiram. Still, the young woman isn’t deterred. Defying her uncle, she sneaks into abolitionist meetings and over time befriends her uncle’s slave, Chloe. When a runaway slave begs the two women for shelter, Belle risks her uncle’s wrath and her own reputation to help him.

When the slave is captured, his master whips him into confessing the women’s participation in his escape. Now with his master enraged and her reputation in shambles, Belle and Chloe must flee Nashville and head northward before the slave patrol catches up with them.

The Abolitionist’s Daughter is a 98,000 word historical fiction with multiple points-of-view. Thank you for your time and consideration.