View Full Version : Beta Swap. Mine is Historical Fiction/Crime, 114k-words. I'm open to Other Genres.

03-29-2014, 06:37 AM
I'm looking to swap manuscripts with one or two writers/beta readers. I have a completed historical fiction crime novel that Iíve edited several times, so I think itís ready for a beta read. Itís 114K words, spans 5 decades (1940s-1980s), with settings in Cuba and Miami. If you have a completed work, about 100-120K words, Iíd love to read it; preferably historical fiction, mystery, suspense, crime, or horror. Be warned, I am brutally honest when it comes to plot, POV, grammar, and style. But I expect the same. Maybe we can exchange 20-25 pages at a time until we're done.

I wrote a blurb for my story that you can see below. I would also like to see a blurb or brief synopsis that doesnít reveal plot twists or the ending, so I know what Iím getting into. Thanks!

TRAGIC FATE - Historical Fiction/Crime - 114k-words
A decades-spanning story that begins with the birth of a boy in Cuba just two days after Fidel Castro's takeover of the island in January 1959. The infant, in less than twenty-four hours of life, is abandoned by his adolescent parents, both in hiding since learning of Isabel Santiago's pregnancy, and fearing repercussions at the violent hands of her evangelical father. The youths flee to the United States amongst a mass of refugees escaping the revolution. Twenty-one years later, Tomas Castillo, the abandoned boy left behind, now weary of living conditions and basic freedomsóall spawned, he believes, by Castro's continued ruleótravels along the same path taken by his natural parents two decades earlier across the Florida Straits. Following his involvement in the Peruvian Embassy crisis in Havana, and ensuing boatlifts from the Port of Mariel, Tomas joins the newly arisen exodus of Cubans that journey to America in April 1980. In a region of South Florida where an elusive serial killer dubbed by the media as the Exile Strangler has been murdering young Hispanic women of Miami's Cuban exile community, circumstances unfold that brings Tomas into contact with his parents, without knowledge of their relationship, in the most tragic fate imaginable.