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03-25-2014, 06:38 PM
Hello Everyone!

I am seeking a beta reader or two for my 2 part erotic romance series, entitled Masked. Part 1 is just between 82-83,000 word count, and part 2 is just over 100,000. I'll attach the rough synopsis of Part 1. I'm still working on figuring out how to write a good synop…so bear with me.

Masked is a steamy story told from Roxanne Vice’s perspective. Roxanne, a twenty-six year old fledging chef in Houston, is thrown into a glitzy new world filled with beautiful men, lavish parties, and lust that she never experienced before, or even thought possible.
Roxanne and Casey, her best friend since high school, are invited to the mysterious Manfredi Masque, hosted by the affluent hotel magnate and supposed playboy, Spence Manfredi. An annual black-tie affair, this soiree is strictly off limits to press of any kind and is shrouded in mystery as to keep the attendees activities anonymous.
While waiting for a late Casey to arrive, Roxanne is approached by an extremely sexy, masked mystery man named John, who possesses the gift of seduction. Roxanne is instantly attracted to him and just when she thought the night couldn’t get any better, John’s equally charming best friend, Joe appears. Ready for an adventure and throwing all caution to the wind, she allows herself to be seduced by the two men, at the same time. Roxanne decides to abandon her usual behavior as she discovers what the word pleasure really means. Unfortunately, she soon learns that John isn’t the man she thought he was, or that John and Joe are not even their real names, and that she is in way over her head.
Despite new revelations about them though, Roxanne begins to find herself increasingly drawn to Joe, but she still has feelings for John, even though she really shouldn’t. Something she had thought would only be a one night fantasy come true, is no longer that simple as Roxanne is catapulted into their extravagant world and she tries to discover what or whom she really wants, but the decision will not be an easy one as friendships and hearts become broken.

If I put the synopsis of book 2 up, it'll give too much away. I hope this draws someone in enough that they'll help me out.

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Thank you Jazen! I PM'd you back :)

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