View Full Version : LF Writing Buddy - YA Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

03-21-2014, 05:53 PM

I'm writing an Urban Fantasy that I intend to be be heavy on the romance ;) Think The Mortal Instruments and such.

I work better with friends though and I was thinking it would be nice to find one or two other writers who read or write YA Fantasy, Paranormal and similar genres to trade chapters with, motivation etc.

I'm thinking we could swap chapters as we write and send each other quick crits, ideas, motivation etc. We'd all be writing our own novels (I'm not looking for a co-writer) but we'd all benefit from an outside voice and someone to keep us motivated and keep us writing.

Would anyone like to give it a go? My novel is set in London and includes gender-swapping (so will include themes of homosexuality etc).