View Full Version : M/M Romance Beta Wanted

03-14-2014, 04:47 AM
(EDIT: Beta readers found, thanks!)

I am looking for a beta reader for a completed novel of 88,000 words. This is something like a seventh draft that has already had several sets of competent eyes on it - it won't be a typo hunt or a maze of they're/there/their. I would like a beta reader with some familiarity with the M/M market to take a look at it before I submit.

- You must read and/or write M/M romance. Readers who don't write (or who don't write M/M, or who are unpublished) are welcome, but I'd like someone who is a part of the target audience, please.

- You must be available to be fairly responsive, fairly soon. Please don't disappear.

- Be honest. Please. I am not looking for warm fuzzies, I am looking to get published. If it's so terrible that you can't keep reading, tell me where you stopped and (if you can explain) why. Please make every effort to read the whole thing.

- I am willing to swap, with the same conditions. I have no problem with you emailing me five versions of the same chapter for comparison, or asking for help with your character's backstory, or just fangirling (or fanboying) over your own characters. That's awesome. If we click and it turns into a long-term CP thing, even better. If your work isn't M/M, that's fine too, but I'm really only confident beta reading M/M, general commercial fiction, SF/F (better at soft than hard), and YA contemporary or SF/F. If you don't have anything to swap now, I can swap for a promise to do it in the future... up to you!

- My novel is not erotic. If yours is, I have no problem with that. I'm not sure how good I am at editing sex scenes since I've never done it, but I do read erotic romance and there's not much there that can squick me out. Go for it.

Please PM me if you're interested! Thanks.