View Full Version : Looking for beta for 90,000 word urban fantasy

Carmen Baxter
03-09-2014, 05:30 AM

I've finally finished my latest urban fantasy (think Kim Harrison or Derynda Jones rather than Jim Butcher) and need one or two "big picture" beta readers. I won't rule out typos completely, but there shouldn't be many. My book has an unorthodox story structure, and I'm basically interested in finding out whether it works, or if there are any other plot issues I need to address.

Here's the half-empty: Since the MS is due at the editor's soon, the turnaround time is two weeks.

And the half-full: This gives me two weeks to do a developmental beta for you (which is why I can only do a max of two swaps). Ideally in the UF or paranormal genres, although I might also be prepared to read crime. No unrevised work, please. Too many typos will take my mind off the goal.

I'd suggest we exchange queries or blurbs to see if we gel. Simply PM me.
Thanks for reading.