View Full Version : Looking for betas/writing buddies for very short fiction

Hapax Legomenon
03-03-2014, 06:21 AM
All right let me explain.

As I'm working on long fiction I often take breathers and write flash or near-flash fiction in the middle of a manuscript. I do want to either submit these places, or self-publish them in a collection, or something like that.

So, I want a beta for these stories, and I'd be willing to look at short fiction in return. I usually don't write more than two of these a month, if that, and they're short, generally under 2k. I really don't expect to be writing anything longer than 5k for these. I'm requesting somebody who I would be able to send them to because I'm not really comfortable putting them on SYW -- the last time I let too many people at one of my flash fiction pieces I got very confused about what I was doing, a too-many-cooks-spoil-the-soup thing, and I feel like with such short works it's too easy to be overwhelmed and just toss the whole thing if too many people don't like it.

Thus far everything I've written for these have been of a fantasy/horror bend, if that matters, but considering the nature of the project I don't know if this will hold.

So, ideally, I'd like to maybe form a group with two other flash or near-flash fiction writers, but just a buddy would be nice.



06-27-2014, 12:02 AM
Hi, if you're still looking for a beta/crit for your short story, maybe I can try one short story for now.

I write dystopian/futuristic with a hint of supernatural, sometimes steampunk. I have short stories I might need a beta/crit for later, but I'm offering my time just because, doesn't have to be I pat your back, and you pat mine.

And, yes, I am straightforward with my crit, so it'll be honest. Just in case, I don't do well with strict fantasy, romance, comedy, teen drama, historical, erotica, gay/lesbian, cozy mysteries.

Tks for your time.