View Full Version : Manifestation Energy Via Writing?

02-27-2014, 12:52 AM
Hello all!

I was away from writing for a longggg time, too long now, and am just getting back to it. I have a long, strange and for most people highly unbelievable story of what has transpired over the last six months of my life but my experience lands me here ready to ask you all a question.

First of all I hear the voice of my soul which speaks to me and often I kinda dig my heels in and don't listen. I know I've co-created with my soul before and I am supposed to again right now. I want to write about an experience I am having with what is known as a "twin soul." Basically I met a man, we fell madly in love with each other, he got a job offer that matched exactly what he'd explained he dreamed about in a career, and he moved away. We committed to a long-distance relationship and two weeks later he separated himself emotionally from me and four months of spiritual learning has come at me with a vengeance. Allow me to summarize by saying it has been... miraculous yet terrifying.

My soul tells me, and I know this but I need to run it past you all, that writing creates very strong energy. This would be "spiritual" energy, maybe like Qi or the life force inside of us, soul energy, etc. and it is what is used for manifestation. What are your thoughts on this, if any?

I know I feel more vibrant and whole, energized and buzzing when I write. But also when I write I do this awesome thing where I manifest what I want. Like I need a shovel, think "I need a shovel" and someone offers me a shovel. It's amazing, and I know I am supposed to write a novel about my unique life and experiences with spirituality. Hard part is I am in the middle of this separation from a man I love so it takes bravery to dive in, address those feelings and not hide from them. We talk. Love is still there but it is a divinely orchestrated situation {and I know how strange that sounds.}

Thoughts on writing as manifestation? My main character is me written through my soul's perspective. "I" am keeping a dream journal in my novel which I am using to actually write out my dreams for my future.

I know I am meant to be an author, and well- I know I will marry this man in the future once I do what is being asked of me.

Anyone with any insight- I'd love to hear from you!