View Full Version : Seeking beta for a dark romance

02-26-2014, 03:07 AM
Hello all. I'm seeking one maybe two betas for my upcoming book. It is a twisted take on Beauty and the Beast. I am willing to do a swap. I'm currently beta reading for one other AW member. If the description interests you, send me a PM.



So what would you do if your prince charming turned out to be the worst kind of monster?

Calida Alexander moves from Charlotte to Atlanta after a painful break up. She faced some harsh realities about herself during that breakup and desperately wants to change who she perceives herself to be. When she meets Seth, she is drawn in by his sexy good looks and is won over by his gentlemanly demeanor. On the surface, he's her dream come true.

Seth Jokobi is sexy and charming, the kind of man that women dream of being with. As a master manipulator, he uses his charm and good looks as a lure. His prey never suspect that lurking behind those piercing blue eyes and million dollar smile, lies a sadistic monster. When he meets Calida, her shy nature tempts him into playing a game where the stakes end up being higher than he could have imagined.