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02-24-2014, 02:57 PM

I've completed my first novel and am looking for a beta reader to look it over.

My novel, titled "The Prophet of Nightmares" is just under 95,000 words. The novel follows private detective Tara Kolb as she investigates the brutal murder of Brian Upton, the sole heir to a wealthy family. Delving into the dark world of police corruption, the illicit drug trade, an exclusive private club dedicated to hedonism, and a mysterious cult, Tara is forced to rely on her unique skills to not only find answers, but to make it out alive. Sean Crosby, the leader of the cult, is charismatic, and Tara finds herself lured in by Sean's answers to questions Tara has been asking for a long time.

Tara Kolb is a dynamic character with a troubled past of her own; a victim of a brutal assault, she underwent years of physical and mental therapy, only to fall victim to addiction. Through it all, she developed extrasensory abilities, which she is just coming to understand.

I’m looking for whatever feedback you are willing to give. Sentence structure and writing form are probably my weakest areas. I’d appreciate a deep-dive edit where you can get as detailed as possibly, but I will be happy to have you simply read the story and let me know if the plot makes sense, if the characters are good, if the flow of the story works, etc.
I’m willing to beta-read something you for you as well.

A bit more about the book:
There is violence, though it is not gratuitous.
There are sexual elements, though they are not gratuitous.
There is profanity, and it is not gratuitous.

Let me know!