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Betty W01
03-06-2006, 10:49 PM
Here's what General Mills has to say to anyone submitting an idea to them for a new product or product use... pay special attention to the part I highlighted in red:

Our policy on suggestions and idea submissions-

All comments, suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, recipes or other information disclosed or offered to General Mills by this site or in response to solicitations in this site shall be deemed and shall remain the property of General Mills. You understand and acknowledge that General Mills has both internal resources and other external resources which may have developed or may in the future develop ideas identical to or similar to the suggestion or comments to suggestions and that General Mills is only willing to consider the suggestion on these terms. That, in any event, any suggestion is not submitted in confidence and General Mills assumes no obligation express or applied by considering it. Without limitation, General Mills shall exclusively own all now known or hereafter existing rights to the suggestions of every kind and nature throughout the Universe and shall be entitled to unrestricted use of the comments for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise without compensation to the provider of the suggestions.

:roll: :roll: :roll: so much for those Martian submissions in the near future...

03-06-2006, 11:07 PM
[QUOTE=Betty W01]Here's what General Mills has to say to anyone submitting an idea to them for a new product or product use... pay special attention to the part I highlighted in red:

Dang! And my wife just got a really good recipe for steamed yargs from Alien. It wouldn't be so bad, but those little yargs are so darn fast...

Klaatu Barada Nikto! :D


03-06-2006, 11:10 PM
That's like the one billion year contract scientologists ask for of their Sea Org candidates.

03-07-2006, 05:52 AM
... express or applied ...

"Express or applied???" (ROFL ...) :ROFL:

With such dazzling legal lingo, I wouldn't worry too much about their ability to lasso anyone's rights ...

03-07-2006, 09:24 AM
They're just protecting their arse. They've got the money for expensive corporate lawyers, may as well have these unsavoury types justify their existence by coming up with such idiotic clauses.

That said, if anyone wishes to contribute an idea, have GM exploit it commercially if they so wish, with the contributor of the idea renouncing all rights to claims to either idea or profit generated by the said idea, then go ahead I say!!


03-10-2006, 09:50 AM
That was laugh out loud funny!

03-11-2006, 04:34 PM
I have a comment and a suggestion for them, but I don't think they'd like either.

03-11-2006, 07:49 PM
This contract is even worse than the one from Scholastic re: the picture book contest run by them and Woman's Day. At least in that contract they didn't mention "the Universe."

03-13-2006, 08:11 AM
What about parallel universes. I bet they'd get a kick if you said your from one and their rules didn't apply.

03-13-2006, 06:30 PM
"Parrallel Universe." I like that!:ROFL:

Betty W01
03-27-2006, 07:08 PM
They probably have lawyers there, too. Dang critters seem to be everywhere....

03-28-2006, 05:18 AM
Yeah ... I think scientists refer to them as "dark matter" ...

Betty W01
03-28-2006, 11:45 PM

04-03-2006, 08:08 PM
I signed a scary piece of paper to get hired in my current job. It said that the company would own not only everything I created while working for them, but everything I had created in the past. They allowed me to list exceptions, but provided only four lines. I filled those lines and most of the back of the page with anything I had ever done that might conceivably earn money some day.

I believe they mentioned that universe thing, as well as 'in perpetuity.'