View Full Version : Seeking srious writing buddy / crit partner (children's/YA lit)

02-22-2014, 02:13 AM
I am a published writer based in India. I have just returned to full time writing after nearly a decade of procrastination and like all newly converted, I am over-compensating, lol, and over-producing. I write everything except PB. I am working on challenge called CBC 12x12 where I attempt to write one chapter book a month (have been successful so far!). I also write MG tween, YA fantasy and historical graphic novels.

I do belong to a critique group, but have lately realised that I need one-on-one interaction with a crit partner, who's as dedicated and passionate about writing as I am. Someone who is already published, understands that the publishing biz is insanely competitive and constantly evolving, is willing to work hard for her goals, is comfortable with critting regularly, and does not mind critting across genres.

My strengths: Seeing the big picture, an obsession with details, motivation.

My weaknesses: As an ESL writer, grammar and syntax. Also, of course, the usual suspects... showing not telling, not enough meat in the ms etc.

Desired frequency: I'd like weekly ms exchanges. We can have a cap of, say, 20 pages a week. Or 10. Or a chapter / multiple chapters a week. I am open to ideas.

If you are interested, please email me at radswriter AT gmail and we can swap writing history and samples and see if we gel.