View Full Version : Looking for Beta/Mentor for Sequel

02-20-2014, 08:46 PM
I am working on the sequel to a book I self-published back in September 2012. Things are finally moving along, but I'm nervous about the final product and if it will be good enough. Among my concerns is that this sequel won't be as good or better as the first one, plus a few other issues.

What I'm working on now is an urban fantasy/vampire story about a college graduate who's boyfriend reveals he is a bloodthirsty vampire with the intent on making her one too. She tries to what she can to get him away from her, but it she fails to realize how evil he is. The second book follows what happens to her, and how she is adjusting to the vampire world that is not as secure as it believes it is. There will be a third book that basically concludes everything.

The challenge here is that, as one fellow writer pointed out, there is no protagonist here, as in no hero or heroine. That is at least true in the first book, but I'd like to make my MC rise from the mess she got herself in to and redeem herself (That's heroic for me). So I hope to have guidance on how to make that happen.

I also would like some guidance as a writer in terms of my approach to my story ideas, and what ideas may or may not work. Being self-published means being on your own, so I would like to be mentored a bit on my writing and my future goals. I feel like there were things I should've known before I began my writing career, so I want to know now rather than later.

Anyway, PM me and if I see we may be a good fit, I'll provide my email address.