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Becca C.
02-12-2014, 12:19 AM
Hi folks!

I'm looking for betas for my YA contemporary novel, MAYBE IN PARIS. It's 70,000 words long. It's been through my entire revision checklist and I'd say it's exactly where I want it to be, so I'm more looking for people to read it holistically as a reader would, rather than a line-by-line type deal. No disclaimers about the manuscript itself, other than that it deals with mental health issues, and the romance is a way-back subplot (for those who dislike romance, that could be an attractant, lol).

I am able to trade. I'm really only comfortable betaing YA, though, and most fantasy and paranormal are really not a forte of mine. Contemporary is my specialty, and I'd consider thrillers and mysteries part of that.

Here's my current query draft, for more on what it's about:

After her high school graduation, wannabe world traveller Keira Braidwood lands in Paris with her sixteen-year-old brother, Levi. He’s just gotten out of a rehab center after an “episode” a few months ago, and Keira wants to get him away from the “helping professionals” -- who aren’t really helping. Sure, he’s had a rough time lately, but Keira doesn’t think he’s certifiable like everyone else does. He’s just quirky, always has been.

As soon as the Eiffel Tower looms on their horizon, they’re clashing like they did when they were little. Keira wants to roam the whole European continent; Levi wants to set up camp in the same Parisian hotel for the entire trip. Keira wants to try the whole world’s cuisine; Levi only wants to eat at McDonald’s. Keira wants to see palaces, cathedrals, and paintings; Levi’s hatred for all things “bourgeois” drives her up the gilded, frescoed wall.

When Keira meets an alluring Scottish bass player, she finally finds some of the adventure she craved. Levi can just stay at the damn hotel, if that’s what he wants. While she’s busy exploring the catacombs and being swept off her feet, Levi disappears into the Parisian streets. Sans anti-depressants. Sans anti-psychotics. Their parents’ wrath is nothing to Keira’s guilt. Levi is sicker than she was ever willing to believe, and the price for her denial could be his death. She has to find Levi, fast, and try to salvage more than just a ruined vacation.

And here's a link to the first two chapters in SYW. (http://absolutewrite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=277524)

Post here or PM me if you're interested! Thank you so much!