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02-11-2014, 05:43 AM
Well, I'm kind of playing this novel by ear (or eyes, maybe?). Since it's my first novel, I'm trying to be wary of making it too long or too short. From my research, an excellent range for a Fantasy novel is between 100,000 and 115,000 words, but can be condensed to 90,000 or stretched to 124,000 words. Therein lies where my goals come in. I'm trying to keep my first draft to no more than 57,500 words because I'll be fleshing out and embellishing my writing in my second draft, so the word count will most likely double. I'm trying to keep my chapters to 5,000 words (give or take) so by the end of March, I'm hoping to have the basic foundation (beginning, middle, end) in about 12 chapters.

So my game plan is this:

1. Goals for February: try to get 3-5 chapters finished by February 28, 2014. I already had Chapter 21 done by the time I made this list, so by February 28, I should have 6 chapters done (4 minimum).
2. Add 5 characters to my Character Chart.
3. If I have the time, I want to get a 7th chapter out by February 28, but it's not a necessity.
4. Goals for March: Another 3-5 chapters. So ideally, by March 31 I'll have 11 chapters done, 12 if I manage to get 7 done in February, 9 if I only manage to get 4 chapters done.
5. April's goals are catching up on any chapters that I hadn't managed to finish by March 31. By the end of April I'll have all of my preliminary chapters done, and have begun writing the second draft of my book. Since I'm trying to keep each chapter 5,000 words and under (and my prelim chapters have about that many already) then I'll most likely need to split the chapters as I add details to each one (hence why I had hoped to keep my chapters short). After March 31, I'll be updating my goals in this post as necessary and frequently updating my post on the progress that I've made as I go along.


And now for the accomplishments portion thus far:

February 10, 2014: I actually wrote these goals on February 8, since then I've finished chapters 1-3 and today I started on Chapter 4. Although, I took a break to work on a different project and now I'm just fooling around on teh interwebbz. :Clap:
February 12, 2014: After two days of getting nowhere with my chapter, I finally finished today after having a really rotten day. Oh well, progress has been made and Chapter 4 has been checked off the list. My minimum goal for February is complete, but I'm still hoping to get to Chapter 6 or 7 by the end of this month.
February 18, 2014: Finished Chapter 5. I'm going to be taking a break for a few days since I'm ahead of schedule and I only have to write one more chapter to meet my goal for February. :)
February 24, 2014: Finished Chapter 6 today. There's still four days left of February, but I think I'm going to take a break for the remainder of the month and try to figure out what to do for the next few chapters.

02-11-2014, 08:23 AM
Those are pretty decent goals to set, OP, and I hope you reach them. I'd just stress that setting a word count shouldn't be the be-all and end-all.

Less is sometimes more, unless it isn't. This is something I learned the hard way. As an older and more experienced writer said to me, "Say what you want to say in the words that you need and no more. Anything more than that is to be placed gently but firmly on top of the cyber death pile and shot into the sun."

I write primarily YA, so I keep everything between 60000 and 70000 words. Anything more than that for ME is simply too much. YMMV.

As for my own goals, get published again and improve on what skill I have. That's all I can do, really.

Siri Kirpal
02-11-2014, 08:27 AM
Sat Nam! (Literally "Truth Name"--a Sikh greeting)

Like JSF says, the word count is less important that the wip. But hoping you meet your goal of completing the first draft of the novel.


Siri Kirpal

02-11-2014, 04:53 PM
Good luck with the project! My advice: Don't obsess about word count on the first draft. That's an obsession that can wait until later, whereas the best first draft obsession is a simple Git 'er done.


02-13-2014, 08:51 AM
Goal Update: Chapter 4 is complete! Thanks for rallying the support everyone! I really appreciate it!

02-13-2014, 11:41 PM
Goal Update: Chapter 4 is complete! Thanks for rallying the support everyone! I really appreciate it!

Good going! It looks like you're ahead of schedule, good luck meeting all your goals (:

02-18-2014, 07:41 PM
Goals list is now updated. :)

02-25-2014, 04:46 AM
Posted another update. :)