View Full Version : Does Anyone Offer Fulfilllment Services?

Steven Pollack
03-04-2006, 02:10 PM
I am not a writer by trade or long term goal but I am thinking about writing a book anyways. My career for 15 years has been a self-employed goldsmith and jewelry store owner. A few years ago I decided to toss that aside to attend law school because of my growing environmental activism. see http://www.Landfill7.com

I am in my final semester now but I have started a new business importing and retailing bathroom fixtures. see http://www.BathGems.com I promise I will get to the point soon.

I have just taken a part time position as the editor to a top 100 website on the section for Retailing. I am writing a series of articles on retailing for people aspiring to own their own retail store and those already in retailing. I am starting to see how I can rework this series into a book on retailing.

I realize this is a tight field but I am also in the position as editor of this section to promote my own book to the 100's of thousands of monthly visitors to this site each month. As I am looking around for self publishing options, however, I am finding that they all involve the POD or fulfillment house taking on some additional promotional role and then offering me back 10% to 20% royalty.

This seems backwards to me. I am looking for a solution where I can pay to have the book printed and the fulfillment house will charge me a reasonable fee for storage and sending the book out to the customers I generate with my online platform. So if the book sells for $20 and it costs $4 to print then I will net $14 to $16 (they would probably have a money handling charge for credit cards, etc.) per book rather than $2 to $4.

I am thinking that they would have a shopping cart already in place for the various titles they fulfill and set up a cart where I control the description. But they would not do marketing for me.

Does this exist?



03-05-2006, 01:13 AM
You could check out http://diggorypress.com but it's a UK firm. They offer fullillment and their charges are very reasonable.