View Full Version : Bug-finder beta offered, opened to swap/writing buddy too

02-04-2014, 09:07 PM
I know it sounds weird, but my skill is about finding bugs on stories or characters (don't ask me for line by lines or grammar check).
If you lack of the expertise on technollogy, history background, or psychollogical approach for your character, or for the particular situation he/she is into, then I am the guy to help you.
Example, if you describe a hacking/robbery/metaphysic situation; I can validate, if your character goes to
many hard decisions then I am the one to find the incongruences or the missing parts.
That said, I am no good with grammar or punctuation; context, circumstance, false and missing info are my things.

I don't take full work, just chapters, situations. I rather complex characters and situations.
I can take a couple of chapters this week. I also seek for opinion about some pieces of my work, but it's not a requirement.