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01-26-2014, 09:39 PM
Hello everyone,

I've been working on a story for the last couple of weeks, to the point that I kind of lost motivation. It feels like a crisis! Although I'm still pushing forward, since that is the only way to get to that checkered flag. But a little help, a bit of a slap on the face, would be appreciated. *laugh*

What I want from a writer buddy? Regardless of gender, someone to exchange ideas with, share our knowledge and passion. For example, if you're someone who is in love with your own characters, feeling like they're grown closer to you at heart than any real-life person, then I am much the same. Automatically, hopefully, we'll be able to help each other through what I call a writer's ordeal and get our writing done somehow.

I maybe also be able to critique your work, however I'm a slow reader and can only digest little by little. Be aware that I may not be the best critique partner you'll ever encounter.

I'm not sure what platform of communication to use, whether it is Chatzy, e-mail, instant messengers such as AOL or Skype, or even Facebook chat(most preferable).

Anyone interested? Send me a PM and we can go from there.

01-26-2014, 10:06 PM
Hi, James, and nice to meet you.

May I suggest that you tweak your post an eensy bit? First, tell would-be writing buddies what genre your story is. I'm utterly disinterested and unqualified to offer criticism in genres about which I know nothing, although I could still give it a once-over for goofs if motivated. Which brings me to second, offer something in return. Maybe you're a slow reader and a poor critique partner, but open to bouncing ideas back and forth, or helping research potential agents or markets, like that. In essence, you want to give something in exchange for what you're asking others to give you.

Be aware, too, that once you have fifty posts at AW--that's "real" posts rather than meaningless one-liners in the race to fifty--you can post your story at the appropriate Share Your Work board and get feedback from people with whom you don't have a longer-term buddy thing going. IMO, the more feedback you get, the more you'll know about your own work and its weaknesses.

Maryn, glad you've found us

01-27-2014, 10:17 AM
I too am looking for a writing buddy. What genre do you write? I write general/realistic/literary fiction. :)