View Full Version : Beta reader &/or edit mentor needed, NA/romance/thriller

01-20-2014, 11:19 PM
I know my post count is low, I've been lurking and learning, but if anyone would be willing to beta and or be an edit coach for me I would greatly appreciate it.

I've made two passes to clean up my novel myself, had an English major friend clean up some grammar and punctuation, and a beta reader go through with a line by line with suggestions. I'm looking for more opinions and help with cleaning up more adverbs and whatever else I may have missed from my 'how to edit' research from more seasoned writers.

My story is more of a general fiction with heavy romance plot since I do not give them a HEA in this one. I have a second story planned out that will ultimately give them their HEA.

It's currently 294 pages (74K, cut down from 89K). Here is a snippit of a random page just to get an idea of my writing style.

He sat on the sofa in silence for a while with arms crossed over his chest, staring into the distance. Frustrated he had shut down, I gave up, brushed away a tear and began to pick up a mess my little dog Rusty had left for me. Was that toilet paper mixed with shreds of … black leather? If he chewed my brand new boots I was going to kill him. At the same moment I was about to run upstairs to check on my new shoe acquisition, Dan finally spoke. It was almost a whisper, but I heard him as clear as if he had shouted it at me.
“Okay, but if it doesn’t work out-“
I squealed and threw my arms around him, black and white confetti rained down over us in celebration.

02-11-2014, 04:26 AM
I have no idea what an HEA is but I would be more than happy to offer opinions. The only thing I would ask is to be sent it in pieces... large files can be daunting but I could commit to a 48-72 turnaround on a chapter... I love reading and giving feedback. PM me or just post here if you are interested.

02-11-2014, 07:01 AM
Hey, thanks for responding. HEA is Happily Ever After. I'll send you a pm :)

I also realized I did not mention I'm more than happy to exchange feedback.